How to Save Money on Flowers For Your Wedding

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I'm back in the saddle talking about my wedding and how we are trying to have a great wedding without spending more than $20,000. As always, if you think $20,000 is too much to spend on a wedding then I will direct you to this post. We've already covered the overall budget of $20,000 and we've talked about the photographer.

Should I Get a Prenup? Yes!

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I've been talking to a lot of single/engaged people about prenuptial agreements, or prenups, and almost all of them think they don't need one. Here are the two main reasons people give: "I'll never get a divorce" "I don't have enough money to need a prenup" Are these people right? Should you get a prenup, or save the time and

You Gotta Get a Prenup! [Music Video]

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Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for. It's been six months since I last uploaded a video to my Youtube account, but it was worth the wait. My advice to all the young loverbirds out there who are thinking about getting married: You Gotta Get a Prenup! Download the MP3 here. (right click, save as or save