Is a Small Business the Key to Being Wealthy?

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Here's a question I'm genuinely curious about, because I've looked and I can't find any data to prove or disprove it. Do people who work for/own small business make more money than those who work for large corporations? Again, I don't have the answer. All I have is personal experience with a bunch of different people I know that leads

A Picture is Worth Exactly 326 Dollars

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You may have noticed a little change of scenery around here. At the top of my site, there's a sweet new header and logo, including a killer dollar bill listening to headphones. I don't know how you feel about my new logo, but I LOVE IT!!!! I've gone through some pretty crappy logos in the last seven or eight months,

I Need to Take My Own Advice

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Did you know I never intended to blog? Yes, I wanted to have a website, and yes, I wanted to share my ideas about personal finance. But in creating Thousandaire, I never thought I would be writing blogs. My original intention was only to make videos. I wanted to make videos because I knew intuitively that people my age watch