Did you know I never intended to blog?

Yes, I wanted to have a website, and yes, I wanted to share my ideas about personal finance. But in creating Thousandaire, I never thought I would be writing blogs.

My original intention was only to make videos. I wanted to make videos because I knew intuitively that people my age watch youtube, but they don’t read blogs. My friends in college watched youtube all the time; not a single one of them consistently read any blogs.

So I built this website and I started making videos, but then I realized something: videos are hard. I had to come up with an idea, shoot the video, watch the video and realize it sucks, shoot the video again, edit the video, and spend an hour uploading it. It’s harder than learning Spanish.

Blogs are easy. Give me 45 minutes, and I can pump out a blog that is at least as good as anything you wrote in elementary school.

So here I am, six months later with a pretty darn successful blog (considering I’ve only been at it for six months), and I come across this little infograph from Mashable that completely validates what I knew intuitively six months ago.

Internet Stats

Compare “Watch video” to “Read blogs”, specifically in the Millennials and Gen X columns. (While I love old people and I appreciate anyone who visits my site, my main target is young people) Here’s an opportunity for me to test out tables in my new theme:

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Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I freaking love my new theme.

Now back to the point; young people watch a lot more video than they read blogs. In fact, people of every age (even the old farts) are watching more video than they are reading blogs on the internet. I know I want to keep blogging (without videos), but I also know I need to incorporate more videos in my blog if I want to connect better with my target audience. I just have to make myself do it, even if it’s hard.

I’m gonna be doing some experimenting over the next few weeks. I have some ideas. The first one I’m gonna try is an opinion/news video, similar to a Phil DeFranco video, but mine would focus almost exclusively on financial topics. I also want to do more music videos (like Haven’t Made a Budget) and educational videos (like What is a Roth IRA), but these videos take lots of writing and planning. Since I don’t have time to do those every week, I’m gonna give this opinion/news thing a shot and see what happens.

So this was just a bunch of rambling, and probably not better than anything you wrote in elementary schools, but thank you for reading my babbling stream of consciousness. I will attempt to babble on video this weekend about news and we’ll see if you like it next week.

If you have any suggestions on videos you’d like to see me make, please leave a comment and let me know. Also, any generic supporting comments to help motivate me to follow through on my videos are very much appreciated. Thanks internet friends!

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