Get Paid for Shipping Gas and Other Stuff

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Last time we talked, we highlighted how you can get paid for passing gas. (the clever tagline was Kevin’s idea) Today, in honor of Kevin’s Taco Bell Story, we’ll show you another way to not just get paid for passing gas, but for passing a whole lot of other sh…tuff. First of all, I love transportation stocks (minus trucking). This

Short Term Loss or Try for Long Term Gain?

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You may have noticed a theme among our weekly stock picks, and that is that we do a lot of dollar cost averaging. You might think, "You're just being lazy and don't feel like picking a new stock, so you're just redoing an old one." Well, I've definitely been accused of being lazy before, but that's not the case here.

Get Paid for Passing Gas

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This week we will be rounding out the energy investment section of the Thousandaire portfolio.  If you have been following the Thousandaire stock picks, you’ve seen us buy BP, and Prudhoe Oil Royalty Trust (BPT) and today’s pick, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP)  You may be wondering yourself why 3 investments in the same energy sector, when investing in one stock could save

I’ll Take A 20% Dividend Yield

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The Hoff took the week off to gloat (you'll see why tomorrow) so you're stuck with me and my stock pick today. Don't worry, I have a great one for you. What's the best thing about investing in a real estate during one of the most unpredictable real estate markets in the history of America? More risk means more rewards;

The Thousandaire Portfolio Sucks (Right Now)

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We are coming up on the end of the first quarter of 2011, and the Thousandaire portfolio has been picking stocks all year. Honestly, I hope you haven't been buying what we've been recommending because we aren't doing so hot. The Hoff got food poisoning this weekend after deciding it would be a good idea to finish off a half-eaten

If Warren Buffet Likes Railroads, Then I Do Too

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year (not sure how you are reading a blog from underneath a rock), you’ve certainly heard about Warren Buffett’s purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF). I’ve always been interested in the rail industry because it is inherently more efficient that trucking, however, after Mr. Buffett’s purchase, I felt I