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The RC Input Guide is an input guide for the RC. Pretty simple huh? These are the basics of how to use The RC to model your future. So watch the video and play around. See if you can have $1 million by the time you retire. $5 million. $10 million. You’ll figure it out.

  • Beginning Balance – How much you had in retirement savings at the beginning of this calendar year
  • Annual Return Rate – Interest rate you plan to earn on your retirement savings
  • Annual Savings – How much to save each year
  • Annual Increase in Contributions – How much to increase your savings each year
  • Tax Bracket – Tax bracket you plan to be in for most of your adult life
  • Contribute at Beginning or End of Year – Use a 0 here unless you are investing everything from “Annual Savings” on January 1.
  • Age Today – How old are you today (check your driver’s license if you forgot)
  • Age to Start Saving – When you will start saving for retirement
  • Retirement Age – How old you want to be when you start using your retirement savings
  • Last Year of Contributions – Age you will stop contributing to your retirement savings
  • Age to Change Return – Age you want to change your investment return to a lower return rate
  • New Return % – The lower rate due to decreasing risk in your investments
  • Age of Death – How old will you be when you die. I’d definitely go with something bigger than 20
  • Desired Annual Retirement Income – How much money in today’s dollars you expect to have when you retire
  • Inflation Rate – The inflation rate you expect for the US Dollar
  • Return on Nest Egg – Investment return on your retirement account. This should not be any bigger than 5%

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