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If you have figured out your finances today and are already a thousand-aire, then you might want to take the next step and try to become a millionaire. People have placed this arbitrary meaning around have $1,000,000 as being rich, so let’s just run with it. If you want $1 million by the time you retire, it actually isn’t very difficult to get, as long as you follow two basic principles:

  1. Be willing to save some money towards retirement every month
  2. Don’t be an old fart

Everyone can do the first one, either right now or after they have spent some time fixing their current financial situation. The second principle, unfortunately, is out of our control. As you’ll see in the video, the single greatest weapon you have in your assault against $1 million is youth; it’s like an energy sword against some n0ob or a light saber against a storm trooper. You can’t lose if you use it correctly.

So open up the RC and follow along with the video, and play around with the RC to see what it will take in your specific situation to have $1 million. Maybe you are a less risky investor and want to use an 8% annual return, or maybe you’re already 25. If you start before you’re 30 and invest aggressively enough to have at least an 8% return, you should find it very manageable to have $1 million in your bank by the time you retire.

How are you going to make $1 million? Post your saving methods in the comments below.


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