I’m taking a vacation from blogging for the first 10 days of December. But because I love you guys, I want to give you something to do while I’m gone. Welcome to the Thousandaire Music Video Countdown!

I’m giving you the top five best Thousandaire songs, according to me. Make sure to come back every day and find out where you favorite song falls in the list.

3. Get a Prenup

thousandaire countdown #3

Now we’re really getting into the good stuff. The first two songs on the list are fun and personal favorites of mine, but they really pale in comparison to the top three in my opinion. And the third on the list is my most recent: Get a Prenup.

When my friend and occasional guest writer The Hoff got engaged, I knew he could use some premarital advice. What better advice could I give than make sure he doesn’t go broke if she leaves him? Although…

Now that I think about it, I’m racing The Hoff to $1 million in net worth. If he gets married and then divorced and his ex-wife takes half his money, I’m a shoe in to win the race. So never mind buddy, don’t worry about a prenup!

A few things I like about my most recent video are:

  • This is without question the best audio quality of any song I’ve done. I’ve gotten a little better and singing over the last year, and autotune does the rest!
  • I dressed up like a girl.
  • It looks like I actually know what I’m doing with the video editor when I’m in two places at once.
  • The song is funny to everyone. You don’t have to be a financially savvy person to understand prenups.
So without further adieu, I give you Get a Prenup.
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