I’m taking a vacation from blogging for the first 10 days of December. But because I love you guys, I want to give you something to do while I’m gone. Welcome to the Thousandaire Music Video Countdown!

I’m giving you the top five best Thousandaire songs, according to me. Make sure to come back every day and find out where you favorite song falls in the list.

2. Home Theater PC Rap


Earlier this year there was a video contest on Get Rich Slowly. I submitted my HTPC Rap into the “Personal Finance Tip” category. I won. $500 grand prize!!!!!

This quick little 2-minute video gives all the reasons why you should drop your cable bill and still be able to watch TV. Unless you are someone who watches TV all the time and has two or three shows every night, you can probably save money with an HTPC (or hooking up your laptop to your TV, or having an internet enabled TV).

The best thing about this song has to be the tune. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has to be one of the greatest theme songs of all time, and while my rapping doesn’t necessarily do it justice, it’s still a lot of fun.

A few things I like about my most lucrative video are:

  • The outfit alone makes this worth of a #2 ranking. The early 90’s rocked!
  • I’m a bad enough singer. My rapping is just hilariously bad
  • This is applicable to anyone with cable. Every day the internet and computers make cable and their outrageous bills more obsolete.
  • Did I mention I won $500 with this song?!
So without further adieu, I give you The HTPC Rap.
  • Get a free download of the MP3 here
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