I’m taking a vacation from blogging for the first 10 days of December. But because I love you guys, I want to give you something to do while I’m gone. Welcome to the Thousandaire Music Video Countdown!

I’m giving you the top five best Thousandaire songs, according to me. Make sure to come back every day and find out where you favorite song falls in the list.

4. The Adult Baby Song

Adult Baby Song

For those of you who only follow my website and not my YouTube account, you might be surprised to find out that this song accounts for almost 40% of my total YouTube views. Why? Because a lot of people search for Bruno Mars and The Lazy Song on YouTube.

To take advantage of those searches, I set up a little advertisement. I will buy up to 100 views a day for 1 cent each. That’s right, $1 a day for 100 views. Advertising at it’s finest. I have ads set up for multiple videos, but there just aren’t many people searching “roth ira” on YouTube. Hence, this video gets the bulk of my views.

A few things I like about my “most popular” video are:

  • This was my first experience with autotune, which means even though the song is super high, I don’t sound like death hitting the high notes
  • It was also my first video to use clips from another video, and I think that turned out well
  • It highlights one example of the entitlement society we have created that is destroying the financial stability of this country
  • I got to dress up like Bruno Mars
So without further adieu, I give you The Adult Baby Song.
  • Get a free download of the MP3 here
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