Last week I was at a wedding where my girlfriend Tag was the maid of honor. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair and nails all done up, but most importantly her dress was freaking beautiful.

She looked so incredible, and I found myself already looking forward to seeing her in that dress again. Then it hit me.

I forgot the rules:

Man Logic vs Woman Logic

I will never in my life understand why a woman can look so incredibly beautiful in something and then decide to never wear it again.

Wear it Again! PLEASE!

I try to be very honest with everyone, including my girlfriend (or any other girl for that matter). If a girl asks me how she looks in a certain dress or outfit, I’m going to let her know how she looks.

If I think it’s horrible I won’t use those words (I’m not a huge jerk), but I will let her know that I’d prefer something different. If she just looks okay, I’ll let her know that too.

But when she looks absolutely stunning, I make sure to tell her as much as possible. I do this because I want her to know how beautiful she looks and I want her to wear it again.

Men Don’t Remember Clothing. It’s Always New to Us

For some reason women want a new outfit for every new occasion. I hope they get new outfits to impress their girl friends, because I can guarantee 95% of men aren’t going to realize they’ve seen a woman in a certain dress before.

It doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s going to be new to me. And even if you wear something so often that I start to realize I’ve seen it before, I’ll still love it. I only feel one of three ways about women’s clothing: I love it, I’m indifferent, or I hate it. If I loved it the first time, I’ll love it the 100th time.

And I probably won’t even realize you’ve worn it 99 times before, because my brain is too busy remembering football statistics and hardware specs on new tablets to have room for details like “what my girlfriend wore to a party two years ago”.

New Dresses are Expensive

Now that we’ve firmly established that men (at least the ones who agree with me) don’t care how often you wear the same clothing, let’s talk briefly about the practical side of the issue.

New dresses cost money. And for many women, a new dress can also mean new jewelry, new shoes, new makeup, a new handbag, and Lord knows what else you women buy.

It doesn’t make financial sense to spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of stuff in the hopes of looking beautiful when you already have 25 things in your closet that are guaranteed to make you look beautiful!

Readers: To the women: please help me understand this “new dress for every occasion” theory. To the men: How often do you wear something before replacing it. I don’t replace my clothing until I’ve worn a hole in it.

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