You may have noticed that I added a list of my top 12 commenters at the top right of all pages on my site.

I did this because I L-O-V-E comments. On some days I get really busy and don’t reply to every single comment, but I definitely them all (I actually have every comment emailed to my phone so I can read it instantly!)

If you want to be in the top 12, it’s not that hard to do. My Mom is sitting at #12 with just five comments. That means if you comment today, and then come back and comment on every post next week, you could make the list.


There is only one acceptable picture when you post about college. This is it.

Acting Like A College Student Segue: This is completely unrelated to anything, but I just realized I’ve been such a college student over the last three days and I wanted to share. It starts with eating like a college kid.

I found a way to eat two free meals at work (including one that was a lunch for a group I haven’t worked in for a year, but I showed up anyway) and had a peanut butter bagel and leftover Velveeta Shells and Cheese for dinner tonight. It was cheap, unhealthy and delicious! On top of all that, I’ve played video games each of the past three nights, which I have rarely done at all since I graduated 2.5 years ago. Yay College!

Back to the commenters! Not only am I showing my love for commentors with my new Top 12, I am also using my Top 4 commenters as the featured blogs in my roundup this week. Thanks for commenting guys, and feel free to leave any comment you like on this post.

P.S. You know what I love just as much as commenters? Subscribers and Twitter Friends!

Top Commenters Roundup

  • If the Worst Happened by Crystal – Over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, Crystal talks about how her financial life would change without her husband. Notice a lack of an Advanced Medical Directive! Bad Crystal!
  • Win $50 for your Favorite Charity by Joe – After you are done commenting on my blog, subscribing to me and following me on twitter, go do the same for Joe and you could win $50 for your favorite charity!
  • Love Your Colleagues 30 Minutes a Week by Sam – In what has to be his least controversial post since I’ve been reading his blog, Sam gives some great advice on how to be a nicer person and advance your career at the same time.
  • The Gift of Nothing by FB – This is taking minimalism to the extreme. On FB’s Everyday Minimalist blog, she gives you a great Christmas gift idea for someone who has too much stuff already.
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