This article is for many of the men out there and a much smaller number of women. Using my girlfriend as a one person survey, apparently the following advice won’t go over well with most members of the female gender. But here is it.

Cut your own hair.

cut your own hair

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I have a feeling there are a lot of guys out there who do the same thing I used to do: spend $20 a month getting a haircut at some place like Sport Clips or Great Clips or Some Other Kind of Clips.

Why spend $20 a month on a haircut when you can spend $20 one time and buy Hair Clippers that will cut your hair as often as you want and probably last at least a year?

And if you’re going to do it, please use clippers. I don’t think this guy on the right is going to like his new haircut.

I Cut My Own Hair All the Time

When I was in college I used to cut my own hair all the time. A 3 on the sides and back, a 6 on top, and blend with the 4 and 5. I could do it by myself without anyone else’s help (although if you have a wife or girlfriend willing to help, it’s much easier). The hardest part is having someone do your neckline, but you can even do that yourself if you need to. Just put your hand where you want the line to be and use the clippers up to your hand.

It actually turns out really well. Guys hair is easy, and I never once had anyone give me trouble for a bad haircut. And trust me, my friends would have given me trouble if it looked bad.

It’s Not Just for College Students

When I graduated college, I thought I should grow up, be an adult, and pay to get my haircut like a normal person. So I did that for about 3 years and probably spent about $720 over that time on haircuts ($20 a month for 36 months). The worst part is that I probably didn’t really like the haircut about half of those times. I must be really crappy at telling hair cutters what I want, because I feel like my haircut is incredibly simple and it gets messed up all the time!

As long as it looks good when you cut your own hair, then the only reason to pay to get your haircut is if you have boatloads of money to waste and love when someone shampoos your hair and rubs your head. I will admit, sometimes I felt like the head rub was the real reason I was paying for haircuts.

So if you are a guy or girl with short hair, do yourself a favor and spend $20 on a set of Hair Clippers that will save you roughly $240 every single year.

And send me pictures of your do-it-yourself haircuts, especially if they turn out bad!

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