I hate reality TV, but I love reality.

That’s why I love watching ShayCarl and his popular youtube channel.


Shaycarl is so happy he's debt free, he's about to eat Babytard

If you have never heard of ShayCarl, he is one of the most popular people on Youtube. He posts a video about every day on his Shaytards Channel, and each one typically gets over 300,000 views within the first 24 hours of being posted.

The videos are just him and his family living their lives. He is so funny and his family is so adorable that I can’t stop watching. I’ve watched every one of his videos over the last few months. When I logged onto Youtube on Sunday morning, I was shocked to find the title of his most recent video “WE’RE DEBT FREE!!!”

Apparently ShayCarl and MommyTard are avid Dave Ramsey fans, and they are finally debt free as of last week. They called into the Dave Ramsey show on Debt Free Friday to tell their story and they made it on the show!

If you like Dave Ramsey and you like incredible families, you’ll love this video. You’ll actually see Shay and his family as he is on the radio with Dave Ramsey. This is a very unique chance to see a “behind the scenes” on the radio show. (If you’re a huge Dave Ramsey fan, you may have already seen the video because it was posted on his website)

Congratulations to Shay and his family for getting out of debt, and hopefully this can be an inspiration to all of the people who watch Shaytards videos. Shay is living my dream, which is to be “famous” enough that all sorts of people will listen to his story about responsible personal finance; not just the people who are actively searching for personal finance information.

After you’re done watching the Dave Ramsey video, I posted another short video of his that is a quick example of the videos he usually posts. I dare you to try to watch it without a smile on your face. It’s impossible!

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