So I had a hypothesis that I might be spending too much money on food, especially considering the fact that I’m now living with my girlfriend and buying food for two.

What I found was disgusting. I spent $939 on food (groceries + restaurants) in June.

Apparently I’m eating out much too much. In fact I ate out 35 different times during the month of June, which comes to over one meal outside the home per day. I guess there’s a reason my friends call me Fat Kevin.

I’m not as young as I used to be and my metabolism isn’t as strong as it was years ago. If I don’t start eating out less, I’m going to get fat, spend a bunch of money, Tag is going to leave me and I’ll lose to The Hoff in my Race to $1 Million.

I can’t let any of that stuff happen.

I’m Not Eating Out for 7 Days

I decided that Tag and I need to kick this eating out habit. Cooking for one is hard because you always end up with a lot of leftovers and you are stuck either eating leftovers most of the time or throwing out excess food. If you end up throwing out lots of excess food then it isn’t much cheaper than eating out.

fat kevinCooking for two is much better because double the amount of eaters means half as much leftovers. The problem is it takes a lot of time to shop for the right groceries, plan out meals, and cook them.

Luckily Tag and I have done that. We have a few meals planned this week and a bunch of stuff to make easy meals like sandwiches. We made a decision on Saturday that we wouldn’t eat out for seven days.

So far it’s going well. On Sunday Tag made banana bread, which we ate for breakfast. Then I made grilled cheese for lunch, and we went to my aunt’s house for a steak dinner like we do every week.

Now we just have to make it six more days without spending a dime at a fast food joint or restaurant.

What’s Next?

We are going to make it a week without eating out. But it won’t mean much if we go right back to Jack in the Box and Taco Bell next Sunday. The goal is that we find some recipes over the next week that we really enjoy and will cook more often.

Furthermore, I’m going to start keeping closer track of my eating out expenses. I’m not sure what my monthly food budget should be, but I know it needs to be lower than $939.

Be on the lookout for more food related posts. This is a pretty big deal for me and I’m not going to let overspending on food ruin my goals of having money to buy a house and increasing my net worth.

Readers: How much do you spend every month on food? What do you do to keep your food expenses down?

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