Just Moved in Mess

This is the mess of my new kitchen

Hypothetically speaking, let’s pretend you are a blogger. And let’s pretend you moved this past weekend. Maybe in this scenario your internet at your new apartment won’t be set up until at least Tuesday.

You want to update your blog but the only internet you have is either at your old apartment across town or wifi at some local coffee shop. Theoretically you are dead tired from moving all weekend and shooting half of your next music video, so you don’t want to go anywhere.

In this completely fictional situation, you might think that you’re stuck. Then you realize you have internet on your phone!

If you have a wordpress blog like mine and a smartphone like me, I strongly recommend the wordpress app. Just search “wordpress” in the iPhone app store or the android market (or check it out here). I’m literally typing this blog from the little keyboard on my G2 android phone using this application.

It’s a free app and it is a great tool for making quick updates, approving comments that were erroneously flagged as spam, or anything else you might want to do. I don’t actually recommend typing a whole blog post because it takes a long time, it is possible if you are in a bad situation like me.

I will make sure to find internet tomorrow and be back with a regular blog on Tuesday, but I do want to take this opportunity to mention that I always love guest posts from other bloggers. I had a great guest post last week about getting a free vacation with credit card rewards from Mike at the Credit Card Forum. If you want to do a guest post (especially this week because I still have lots of moving to do, plus dance class four nights a week, plus finishing my next music video, plus more stuff) just leave a comment or send me an email and if you have a good topic and can make it entertaining, I would love for you to post on Thousandaire.

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