I have some bad news, some very bad news, and some good news.

I’m on a business trip right now. I left Monday after work and have been working, traveling, training, and doing all kinds of stuff that makes it very hard to update this website. That’s the bad news.

When I arrived at the airport on Monday, I parked my car in long term parking. Then I took a shuttle to the terminal, got my boarding pass, got in line for security and realized I lost my keys. That’s the really bad news.

I am 100% certain I lost my keys in a time frame of about 15 minutes, and I can’t find them. Hopefully they will turn up at the airport lost and found. If they aren’t there tomorrow, I’m going to have to replace keys to my new apartment (which will cost about $60) and a key for my car (which will cost a lot of money because it’s a new fancy electronic key).

The good news is I don’t have to pay for food all week because my company is paying for all my meals. I guess there’s a silver lining in everything.

I Can’t Do 3 Jobs

I am pretty good at working my day job during the day and working my website at night. I’m really terrible at going to training during the day, working my day job at night, and finding time to update my website.

Unfortunately that means I won’t be updating this site until next week. I know I’ve been going on vacation and now I’m on a work trip and I’m leaving my wonderful readers hanging, but I also know you guys are awesome and you’ll understand.

Oh, and I’m moving into a new apartment over the weekend which will make me even more busy.

So please feel free to give me a hard time when I’m not updating the site as much as I should, but also understand that I’m thinking about you. Always. (creepy)

Thanks guys!

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