My post today comes from an awesome experience this weekend helping the Thousandaire Girlfriend (Tag) make her first budget. If you remember Tag from my first music video, the way to win her heart in that video was to have a budget and be smart financially. In real life, she didn’t even have a budget herself! Bad girl Tag!

We used the same spreadsheet I use for my budget, and the first step was to pull in all her old transactions for the last three months and see where she has been spending her money recently.

If you’ve made a budget, you probably remember the first time you had that epiphany where you realized something about your spending habits that you wanted to change immediately. Tag had a hilarious epiphany just a few minutes into looking at her budget:

I gotta quit the ‘Bucks!

If you have no idea what she’s talking about, don’t worry. I think Tag is the only person in the world who refers to Starbucks as “The ‘Bucks”. In fact, I had never heard it before yesterday, and it was freaking adorable and hilarious at the same time!gotta quit the 'bucks

I think the most popular personal finance advice on the internet is to “stop buying coffee.” I say that’s stupid advice. If you love coffee, you can afford it, and you are keeping things in moderation and staying healthy, then I encourage you to keep spending money on something you love. However, Tag sees that coffee as just a luxury and not really a necessity, so she is comfortable with giving it up to save money and cut calories.

Just before I made my budget, I bought a 350Z convertible. After I made my budget, I knew instantly that a car is like a money furnace; it literally burns money and gives you nothing except transportation in return.

Tag realized she had to “quit the ‘bucks.” I traded in my 350Z.

Today’s Thousandaire question: What did you do after making your first budget?

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