Who knew Ultimate Frisbee could be a dangerous sport?

I was playing Ultimate Frisbee about 10 days ago, which for those who haven’t heard of it is like a combination of soccer and football, only played with a Frisbee.

ultimate frisbee

photo credit: CasparGirl

I was out on the field having fun and playing defense, when a guy standing about 10 feet away from me threw the disc as hard as he possibly could. And instead of soaring 50 or 60 yards in the air to his teammate, after about 10 feet it ran into an obstacle: my mouth.

Yep, I took a Frisbee straight to the mouth. The good news is that I technically made a good defensive play and caused a turnover. The bad news is that I immediately could taste blood filling up my mouth.

At this point I was angry and in pain, but I also REALLY wanted to finish the point and score. I was spitting out mouthfuls of blood as I was running around out there, but after about 2 or 3 minutes we scored and I ran off the field.

I immediately grabbed some ice and put it to my mouth. I touched my teeth and my two front teeth were loose. Luckily they hadn’t fallen out completely, but I felt exactly like a 7 year old about to get a visit from the tooth fairy.

I went to the ER, and while I was in the waiting room I tried to push the teeth back in place. Fun stuff.

When the doctor saw me he prescribed some pain pills and told me to see my dentist on Monday (the accident happened Saturday afternoon). I called the dentist’s emergency line and set an appointment for Monday at 7am.

After a painful weekend, I saw the dentist and he told me that I might be just fine. The teeth would firm back up and as soon as the pain was gone I could be in the clear.

However, he told me to look out for either of the teeth turning gray. If that happens, I can’t just fix it with teeth whitening gel by smile brilliant; I would have to go get a root canal.

After a little over a week, it looks like I have a root canal in my future. One of my teeth has definitely started turning gray, and I can’t quite tell on the other one. Looks like I need to make another dentist appointment.

I Should Have Worn a Mouth Guard

All of this could have been easily prevented if I had worn a mouth guard. With protection for my teeth, I probably would have been dealing with a bloody lip at worst.

And even if I had tooth problems while wearing the mouth guard, I wouldn’t have been liable for the dentist bills. The mouth guard I bought from Shock Doctor comes with a $10,000 dental warranty, meaning they would pay the first $10,000 of dental bills if I got hurt while wearing their mouth guard.

Luckily I have health and dental insurance, as well as a Health Savings Account that has thousands of dollars in it, so it’s not going to hurt me much financially to pay for all the dental bills I have incurred and will incur with any more work that needs to be done.

From now on, I’ll be wearing a mouth guard any time I’m playing sports, even if it is one that seems as harmless as Ultimate Frisbee. I’d rather not deal with the pain of another root canal or a chipped tooth, and I don’t want to be financially responsible for any damage.

Readers: Do you use a mouth guard when you play sports?

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