The Race to $1 Million is a monthly series where Kevin McKee and The Hoff post net worth updates. The first person to reach $1 million in household net worth wins an undetermined prize.

Can I get a “WOOT!” for the stock market this month.

Holey freaking baloney this month was awesome. I can’t hold back any longer, so here’s the update for November:

Great Race to $1 Million Month

That’s right. Not only did my net worth increase by over six grand, but I also gained close to $900 on The Hoff. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

How Did I Make So Much Money?!?!?!

How on Earth can I make $6k in one month? Maybe I’m dealing drugs. Or maybe I took out a very large renter’s insurance policy and then had an “accidental fire”.

Nope. I didn’t do anything special at all.

You may remember two months ago when I lost $6,555 in one month. I came up with a highly controversial plan of action; change nothing!

There are some things in life where you need to change directions when it starts going bad. For example, if you’re driving on a very tall mountain and you find yourself off-road going toward the edge. Changing direction would be a very smart thing in that situation.

But with the stock market, if you are investing in good companies with solid fundamentals, a dip in price is just a temporary sale. The company will most likely go back up eventually and you will get your money back. And if you don’t believe me, see Kevin McKee in Sept 2011 and Kevin McKee in Nov 2011.

Now imagine if I had freaked out. I saw my net worth drop over $6k and decided the stock market is too risky for my money. I decided to cash out and put my money under a mattress.

I wouldn’t have made all that money back this month.

Nobody has ever made money in the stock market buying high and selling low. Don’t freak out over temporary market losses. If you hold on long enough, there’s a darn good chance you’re going to get all your money back and then some in the long run.

One Year Net Worth Graphs

Here are the details of my net worth over the last 13 months. If you want to have a super sweet spreadsheet with awesome graphs like this, just download my net worth tracker (free, as always) with instructions here and start doing it yourself!

Student Loan Debt: Just over $15k. I won’t make any serious progress against this until early next year, but I am working very aggressively to save cash and pay these down in large sums.

401k and Roth IRA: Both are still lower than their March/April peak this year, but definitely looking much better than they were in August and September. If they go up, great! If they go down, I get to buy more stock cheap, so great! It’s really a win-win.

Overall: I think an average month in the stock market will put me over $30k for the first time since April. I started the year at $18,847, so if I can finish above $30k, that’s an average gain of about $1,000 per month. I’ll take that.

Click the image for a full size view.

Kevin McKee Net Worth

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