Sometimes I have so many thoughts about money swirling around in my head, I can’t consolidate them into one coherent message. Here are my random money thoughts for Tuesday, September 20th.

Saving a Dollar Every Time You Spend Money

I heard a commercial on the radio for a Wells Fargo checking account that forces you to save by transferring a dollar into a savings account for every transaction on your debit card. I instantly wondered how many transactions I do in a single month. So I looked it up.

58 transactions on my two main cards in August (this includes bill payments). I probably have a few more on other cards, so let’s call it 70 transactions a month. That means I’d be saving $70 a month, or $840 a year. Am I gonna do this?

Heck no! I think saving games like this are stupid. It makes people think they are making real progress towards saving money, when in reality they are saving some low, variable amount. If all you can do is save $70 a month, let’s just say I hope you aren’t planning to retire anytime soon. Like ever. I say pick an aggressive monthly saving goal and drive towards it.

Plus, I think this particular “saving” method will lead to more spending. People will enter into a mindset that spending money is good for their savings. You know what’s better than spending $20 to save $1? Saving $21.

Quiznos Coupon Song

Remember a few years ago when Quiznos ran an ad campaign where if you brought in any coupon they would give you a dollar off a sub? Do you remember the marketing genius that was weird looking rats singing horribly? Please watch this:

First of all, it’s a great marketing campaign if people remember it years later. Second of all, way to run a coupon campaign without actually spending any money on printing coupons. You guys at Quiznos are smart! Maybe Quiznos marketers can figure out how to eliminate the national debt too.

15 Years of Technology

I ran across a Best Buy advertisement from 1996. You can see the whole thing at this link. Here are some of the highlights:

  • $399 for a 27″ Panasonic TV (that probably weighed 172 pounds)
  • $140 for a Magnavox AM/FM CD Boombox with Dual Cassette Deck, Remote, and Detachable Speakers (I think this one runs on 28 DD batteries)
  • $2,400 for an Acer desktop with a single core 166 MHz processor, 16 MB of memory, 2GB of storage, a 14″ color monitor and a printer. (My $600 desktop today has a quad core processor at 2.93 GHz [each core 17x higher frequency], 6 GB of RAM [375x more memory], and 1TB of storage [500x larger])
old apple computer

photo credit:

Isn’t it awesome to think where we will be technologically in another 15 years, and how much cheaper things are going to become? I know one thing; I better get a freaking jetpack for my 40th birthday!

Share Your Random Thought!

I can’t be the only one that has random money thoughts. What’s the first thing that pops into your head about money? Share it in the comments if you love me!

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