I’m typically the one dishing out advice and tips on this site, but today I’m gonna turn the tables. I am having a heck of a time deciding if I should renew the lease at my apartment or if I should end it and find somewhere else to live, and I need your advice! I only have about three days to decide, so I would truly appreciate your input.

Of all the times I’ve moved, this is the most complicated situation. I have great reasons to move, but also great reasons to stay. Let’s start with why I think I should move.

Let’s Get Out of Here!

My current lease is up on 6/24. If you follow my blog regularly, you probably know that I’m going to Costa Rica for over three weeks on 6/30. If I end my current lease, I can live with friends and/or family from 6/24 to 6/30 and then pay $100 or so to move my stuff into a storage unit for a month. This will allow me to essentially be “homeless” for a month where I don’t have to pay rent ($829) or utilities (about $150) while I’m out of the country. Right off the bat I have about 800 to 1,000 good reasons to move.

Another potential reason to move is that I could get a two bedroom apartment and have a dedicated video room. In my apartment today, I turned my bedroom into my video room and put my bed in the living room. Call me crazy, but it would be nice to actually have a bedroom again. Plus I should be able to write off the video room as a “home office” on my taxes since it would be 100% dedicated to my blog business. I can definitely find a two-bedroom place for about the same as I pay for this one-bedroom place now if I move to a slightly cheaper property, so increased rent won’t be an issue in getting an extra bedroom.

My initial impression what that I was definitely moving out. But then I started thinking about all the reasons I should stay.

Home Sweet Home

I hate moving. If you gave me a choice between moving or watching a Sex and the City marathon, I’d say bring on the annoying old women. If I’m going to be homeless for a month, I will have to move not once, but twice over about five weeks. Load up the apartment, then unload in the storage unit. Five weeks later: load up the storage unit, and unload at the new place. Just the thought of it has me seriously tempted to renew my lease today.

question in a box

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I could load and unload once if I rent a POD, where they deliver the storage unit to your place, pick it up and store it, and then deliver it to your new place when you’re ready. The only problem is it will probably cost me about $500. That’s a lot of cashola and seriously reduces the benefits of being homeless for a month.

And then there are other stupid logistics with being homeless for a month. Will I need a PO Box for my mail while I’m gone? The Post Office can hold your mail for 30 days, but I’ll be homeless for at least 31. What about my bank accounts and credit cards and employer? They all need an address for me, and I don’t think I can just tell them I’m temporarily living in Costa Rica. If you’re a mail expert and you’re reading this, please leave a comment and tell me what to do, and I’ll give you a free subscription to my blog.

So those are the rather complicated, unique reasons for and against moving. Here are the rest of the smaller things I’ll have to weigh:

Reasons to Move

  • I hate Time Warner Cable, and it’s my only option in my current apartment. The internet goes out for no reason at least once every few weeks.
  • They want to raise my rent $20 a month to $849. I could probably haggle with them and get it back down to $829, but maybe not.
  • The walls in my apartment are very thin, and I always feel like my neighbors hate me when I’m belting out a personal finance song.

Reasons to Stay

  • Whether I’m borrowing a truck from my girlfriend’s dad or hiring movers, it’s going to cost money.
  • I will have to pay application fees and put down a deposit at a new place; I’ve already paid that stuff here.
  • I’m generally pretty happy with the management company at my current apartment, which is important to me.
  • I haven’t lived in the same place two years in a row since I was in high school. I would be nice to have a little continuity.
  • I really don’t want to deal with patching up the wall where I mounted my flat screen, and then remounting the TV in my new place.

The only thing I know for sure about this decision, is that I have to make up my mind pretty quick. I would really like to hear some reader input, especially if you have some suggestions on how to make the move cheaper/easier/better if I do decide to take that route. Thanks dudes!

And of course, I can’t title a post “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” without a video of The Clash.

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