I’m gonna keep this quick. I fail at things sometimes. Or, recently, lots of times.

Remember my mail-in rebate from the other day? I mailed it in on time except I FORGOT TO STAMP THE ENVELOPE! This is how infrequently I mail letters; I forgot they need stamps. Now I’m pretty sure it’s being mailed too late and I’ll get nothing. Stupid Kevin!

I also went out to eat not once but TWICE yesterday because apparently I forgot responsible spending is a good thing. Stupid, Fat Kevin!

Finally, I spent $12 trying to make a gingerbread house that would win a competition at work. Here is the picture from the box:

The house on the box

And here is what I made:

Horrible Gingerbread House

At least Tag and I had fun making it

Notice the lack of decoration on the front, the big glob of icing leaking out of the apex of the roof, and the ornaments falling off the tree. There’s only one prize at work, so unless I’m the only entry, I’m toast! To be honest, I was shocked that it was still standing when I woke up this morning. Stupid, Fat, Non-Artistic Kevin!

So I had a lot of failure yesterday. I actually think all of this stuff is really funny, so don’t get all worried about me being depressed. I love to laugh at myself. With that being said: Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t seem to do anything right?

P.S. Stupid, Fat Kevin” is actually a term of endearment for me. I’ll have to tell you the story another day, but it’s a nickname I hold onto dearly.

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