Tonight I’m going to see The Amazing Spider-Man, and not just at any theater. It’s called a Cinema Suites theater where I get assigned seats, a leather recliner, and they serve me dinner.

It’s freaking awesome.

Sure the tickets were $18.50, which would be outrageous if it weren’t for two things.

First, I have an assigned seat right in the middle of the theater. In a regular theater I’d have to show up 30-45 minutes early and stand in line to get a good seat during opening weekend. Now I can show up 5 minutes before the show starts and still get the best seat in the house. Time is money, so this is a great perk.

Second, IT’S SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!

Never Forget The Purpose of Money

Money is nothing more than a means of exchanging what you have for what you want. When your favorite super hero has a new movie that’s received positive reviews and it’ll cost you less than $20 to see that movie in the most comfortable setting possible, that’s a pretty darn good use of money in my opinion.

Of course, I have no debt and a net worth of almost $50k, meaning I have the financial means to make such a decision. If you are drowning in debt, $20 plus food is completely overpriced for a movie in my opinion.

If you have the money, go see Spider-Man with me this weekend. If you don’t, read a good book and put an extra $20 towards your debt.

Have a great weekend everyone!


photo credit: mejane8

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