Don’t you hate it when Brother steals from you?

No, I’m not talking about your biological brother. Although, if your biological brother is stealing from you, I suggest beating the crap out of him if you are significantly bigger and/or tougher than him, or putting ex lax in his chocolate milk just before he goes on a first date with a girl he really likes. Isn’t brotherly love wonderful?

I’m not talking about Big Brother either. Sure the government takes your money, but they’ve been doing that since the 16th amendment was passed in 1913. You can ask nicely for that money back, and I’m sure the IRS will take your appeal into consideration. Or probably not. They’ll just arrest you if you don’t pay.

No, I talking about my Brother printer.

Just Let Me Print in Black and White!

If you’ve ever owned a Brother printer you know that your printer completely shuts down when you are out of ink. Not the ink you are trying to print with. Any color ink. (this may be the case for other printer brands too, I don’t really know)

Pretend you are out of cyan ink (like me) and you want to print in black and white. Sorry dude. You have to buy a full cyan ink cartridge before it’ll work again. What if you just want to send a fax? Nope. It won’t print your black and white confirmation page without cyan ink. Not only am I incredibly inconvenienced in having to order more ink before I can use my printer; it also costs a lot of freaking money!

Luckily, I saved about 50% buying the ink on Amazon as opposed to going down the street to Best Buy or Office Max. It takes a few days to arrive, but saving $25 is well worth it to me.

There was a knock on my door last evening, and it was the delivery guy with my ink. Ironically, I was doing a Google search on how to trick the printer into thinking there was cyan ink when UPS showed up. I never did find out if I could “hack” my printer.

Anyway, I popped out the old cyan cartridge and put in the new one. Viola! I can print again!

I was about to throw away the old cartridge, but then it hit me.

I hardly ever print in color. Come to think of it, I hardly ever print at all. How could the cyan possibly be empty? I decided to break open the cartridge and find out for myself. Wanna guess what I found?

Doesn't Look Empty To Me

That’s right folks. The cyan wasn’t empty at all. It’s definitely not full, but that looks like more than enough to PRINT IN BLACK AND WHITE! ARGH!!!!

I Hate Dishonest Companies

Either I have a faulty printer that doesn’t accurately measure the amount of ink left in the cartridge, or Brother is scamming me (and most likely anyone else with their printers) out of money.

My guess is they are scamming everyone. I paid for that ink; I should be able to use 100% of it!

If they wanted to be transparent about how much ink is left in cartridges, they could have added a little window where you can see what’s left. Not only did they make it impossible to see how much ink is left from the outside; they also make it extremely difficult to open it up and check. It took me about five minutes with a screwdriver to pry the thing open, all the while being very careful not to let the ink spill out.

This is a dirty trick and a disgusting way to make people buy more printer ink, which is already outrageously overpriced. I just hope there is an honest printer manufacturer out there, because I would hate to buy my next printer from such a dishonest company.

End rant.

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