Kevin McKee Buys ANOTHER Car

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You would have thought that I learned my lesson after the first car I ever bought was the worst financial decision of my life. I don't think I'm a dumb person. I just think I was a dumb person about three years ago. When I graduated from college and started my job, I was making some serious cashola. I wasn't

Kevin McKee Stays in School

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I had what I would call a unique undergraduate college experience. It's a long story but I'll give you the Cliffs Notes version. Colleges I attended will be green and bold because there are a lot and it can be tough to keep track. I originally wanted to go a big nerd school like Stanford, Columbia, or Washington University in

Kevin McKee Plays through Pain

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I love playing football more than I love my Roth IRA. I know; it's hard to believe. Some guys dream about beautiful women or winning the lottery. I frequently have dreams about playing high school football. I really only have one true regret in my life, and that is not playing football my senior year of high school. I love

Kevin McKee Buys a Car

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Get a Job On May 4th, 2000, I turned 15 years old. It was time to stop slacking and start getting a job. I was a very financially adept, even as a young child. When I was very young, one of my favorite things to do was calculate my net worth. I would buy a Beckett and add up all

Getting to Know Me

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Using the release of my first music video as my start date, I've been singing like Frank Sinatra, making videos like Stephen Spielberg, and making people laugh like Stephen Colbert for about six weeks now. Okay, I'm admittedly at least slightly less talented than those guys, but what I lack in talent I make up for in personality and humility!