Claim Your Unclaimed Property

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Last month I heard that the state of Missouri paid someone $6.1 million because that person was entitled to unclaimed property. Are you freaking kidding me?! I lived in Missouri for 22 years. I want a piece of this Missouri free money unclaimed property action! I did a little research and found this website where you can choose any state

I Made $881.85 in Free Money Last Year

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Some people don't like credit cards. People like Dave Ramsey believe you should never use a credit card. Well guess what? The only reason he says that is because he thinks people are idiots. Credit cards are not inherently bad; they just can be bad for people who misuse them. In reality, credit cards can be very good and can

My ASUS Rebate Arrived!

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It's a good thing I was sitting on the toilet as I was opening my mail tonight, because I think a little pee came out when I got my $27 ASUS rebate! I bought an ASUS graphics card and completed the forms for the $27 mail-in rebate. As you can see in my earlier post, I was exceptionally meticulous about