Cut Your Own Hair and Save $240 a Year

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This article is for many of the men out there and a much smaller number of women. Using my girlfriend as a one person survey, apparently the following advice won't go over well with most members of the female gender. But here is it. Cut your own hair. photo credit: julietbanana I have a feeling there are a

Watch March Madness Free on the Internet and Smartphones

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Today is the first day of play-in games for March Madness, and if you aren't in front of your TV then you might miss some of the action. You can watch all the games online or on a smartphone or tablet, but the NCAA is charging $3.99 for that service this year (which has been free in years past). If

5 Manly Ways to Save Money Around the House

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This post goes out to all the ladies. Guys are welcome to read it too, but this stuff is ingrained in our DNA, so I'm not telling you anything new. This all goes back to the caveman days when we had to survive on as little resources as possible. Almost all men have the following five rules hard wired into