If you’re an adult and you’re looking for an incredible Halloween costume that is unique then I have an idea that I think is going to make you the talk of your local Halloween party. I know you only have a day left, but this one is so easy you can do it in no time.

I’m sure someone else has done this before, but I’ve never seen it so it’s an original idea as far as I’m concerned. Instead of choosing a superhero or TV character, why not go as the one thing everyone really want to see on October 31st… a bucket of Halloween Candy!

For this costume, here’s all the materials you need:

  • A black bucket from Wal-Mart – normally used for ice/drinks at a picnic (about $6)
  • A generic orange Halloween shirt (about $5-10)
  • Suspenders or some string (probably laying around your house)
  • A few towels (around the house)
  • Candy ($5-100, depending on how much you want)

For about $20-$50 you can have a Halloween costume that everyone is going to love. People will be hanging around you all night. Sure, they might just be hanging out with you to pick candy out of your costume, but who cares? (Tip: this costume is extra awesome if you are single and looking to meet people).

How to Make the Costume

The first step is to put your cheesy orange Halloween shirt on, and then make sure you are wearing some kind of pants. I feel “wear pants” should go without saying but I just want to be sure.

Then take your bucket and cut holes in it to put your legs through. Don’t make the holes too big because you are going to put towels or something inside the bucket to fill the empty space and you don’t want them falling through the holes you cut. Step into the holes and bring the bucket up to your crotch.

Then connect the suspenders or string to the handles of the bucket and put them over your shoulders.

Next, fill the bucket with towels, bags of packing peanuts, or whatever else you can find that will fill a lot of space without falling through the leg holes.

Finally, dump your candy on top of your “filling” and walk around making tons of friends. Or if you want to be funny and make people mad, fill your bucket of “candy” with things like dental floss, toothbrushes, pennies, and other horrible Halloween “goodies” that every kid hates.

That’s it. A unique, awesome, cheap Halloween costume that will make you tons of friends.

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