Every day for the last two weeks my work has been sending me email reminders to sign up for my 2015 benefits. By the end of the day tomorrow I have to make my final elections.

Most of my benefits are pretty standard: a high-deductible medical plan, dental insurance, and then a few benefits like a small amount of life insurance paid for by my company. However, there is one new option that I didn’t even know existed but I am definitely adding to my plan this year: Legal Insurance.

What is Legal Insurance?

I had no idea that my company offers legal insurance or even what it was, so obviously I looked into it and it is actually pretty great. With this insurance, I am able to use a licensed attorney for things like real estate contracts (if I want to buy/sell a house), creation or edits to a will or advance directive, adoption services, defense of traffic tickets, civil litigation defense, and much more.

My company is using this legal insurance so you can follow that link and see all the things that are covered. It’s pretty crazy how much coverage it provides.

How Much Does it Cost?

When I read all of the benefits I get from this insurance, I was thinking it would going to cost a bunch of money and have crazy co-pays, plus I’d have to pay a percentage of the legal fees.

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

All of this coverage is available to me (through my work) for only $16.50 per month. That’s $198 a year. There are no co-pays. I pay 0% of whatever the lawyer charges. All I pay is $198 and everything else is free to me.

This Sounds Too Good to be True

I’m a pretty skeptical person, and this just sounds too good to be true. I’m definitely going to use this insurance to create a will and a living will. I may need it for selling my house and buying a new one (if we move in 2015). I also might need it to fight a speeding ticket or something. Who knows?

Legal Zoom costs at least $69 for a will and at least $39 for a living will (advance directive). That’s $100 each for me and my wife, or $200 total ($2 less than the cost of the insurance) and with Legal Zoom I don’t even get to speak with a lawyer. If I went directly to a lawyer I’m sure it would be substantially north of $200 for those 4 documents.

The bottom line is I’m going to use this insurance at least twice and potentially many more times. Hopefully I have a great experience but will make sure to post an update whenever I use the insurance to let you all know about my experience.

Here’s hoping I get great legal coverage for less than $200 a year. If I do, it will probably be the best $200 I’ve ever spent.

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