Welcome to the biggest giveaway in Thousandaire history!

I am giving away $683.90 worth of prizes today to thank you all for being such great readers and video watchers.

And speaking of videos, have you seen “Haven’t Made a Budget”? Someone reminded me this past weekend how talented and downright sexy the chick was in that video. If you haven’t seen the video yet, make sure to check it out. If you’ve already seen it, I suggest you watch it again and pay attention to how awesome the female lead was.

Now onto the HUGE giveaway. The last time I ran a giveaway, I had one big prize of $225. It was great to give that much money to one person, but I felt bad for all the other people who left with nothing. This time, you have 12 chances to win! I’m giving away four big prizes, and some awesome PF bloggers have stepped up to sponsor the giveaway and add to the haul. Here are the prizes:

Thousandaire Giveaway Prizes

  • $275 Amazon Gift Card (enough for a Kindle Fire and accessories)
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card (enough for a Kindle Touch)
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card (enough for a Kindle Touch)

And now the sponsored prizes. Thank you very much to all the PF bloggers who are sponsoring this giveaway, and please check out their sites:

How to Enter

So how do you win? You have to be subscribed to my email newsletter.

If you aren’t subscribed already, just enter your email in the box at the top right.

Enter Thousandaire Giveaway

All of my email subscribers are automatically given one entry into the contest. But one entry isn’t enough for some people. I’m giving you the opportunity to earn 24 more entries by engaging with me via social networking and/or sharing this contest with your friends.

To qualify for these entries, just tweet, facebook or blog about this contest and then tell me about it in the form below. Only entries that follow the rules will be counted. Here is how to get more entries and increase your chances of winning by up to 24 times:

  • 10 entries – Post a link on your blog, telling readers to participate in the contest.
  • 2 entries – Follow me on Twitter
  • 5 entries – Tweet the following: @kevin_is_money has awesome music videos about money and is giving away $683.90 to his readers! http://wp.me/pWHlN-Yu
  • 2 entries – Like my Facebook Page
  • 5 entries – Post the following facebook page status: [type @Thousandaire] has awesome music videos about money and is giving away $683.90 to his readers! http://wp.me/pWHlN-Yu

Last time, a lot of people did the facebook status wrong. Your status MUST point to my FB page, which means you have to like my page first, and then start typing”@thousand…” and select my page. Once my page is selected, you have to copy in the rest of the phrase. If you do it wrong, your entries will not be counted. Here’s a picture of what you have to do:

Thousandaire Facebook Page

Deadline for entering the contest is 11:59.59 on Saturday, October 15th.

Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter first, and then fill out the form below for any additional entries you’ve completed. All entries must be submitted before the end of day on October 15th.

The winners will be picked via a random number selection on random.org. I will post a video just like last time for full transparency on how winners are chosen and who get the prizes. I will announce the winners on 10/17.

Thank you all for being awesome readers and I can’t wait to give away almost $700 to my fans!

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