As you may have heard, I’m the MC of the Plutus Awards at #FINCON12 this year.

I’m preparing some pretty exciting things to make sure it’s a fun and entertaining event, but the most important part of the night is the winners of the awards. That’s where you come in.

Nominations for the Plutus Awards opened today and I’d love for you to provide your input. Nominations run for the next two weeks and the 5 most nominated blogs become finalists where a panel of bloggers will select the winners. It’s kinda like we’re mixing the People’s Choice with the Academy Awards, except we are taking out all the truly famous people and inserting personal finance bloggers.

Vote for Your Favorites

If you’d like to vote you can do it right here. It only takes a few minutes and you don’t have to vote for any category you don’t want to vote for. Personally, I didn’t vote for things like International or Canadian blogs because I don’t read them.

If you’d like to vote for me, I’d be honored for your vote in the “Best Blog for Young Adults” category. I was nominated last year and it was a really cool feeling. I’m hosting the event this year, which is (in my opinion) cooler than winning an award, but it would be nice to get nominated as well.

Last year I “campaigned” for a few of my favorite blogs, but since I’m hosting the event this year it’s probably best that I remain impartial. My only recommendation if you do vote is that you really consider the topic. For example, just because someone has the word “debt” in the blog name doesn’t mean they are a “debt” blog. It’s the content that matters, not the URL.

Thank You

I haven’t done this in a while, so I want to thank anyone who is reading this post. It’s a lot more fun to write these posts when I know someone else is going to read it. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I do writing them. You guys really are awesome!


photo credit: terren

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