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Yakezie Blog SwapI bet you weren’t expecting a weekend post! Well today I have the pleasure of hosting the fifth Yakezie Blog Swap. Twenty two of the best personal finance bloggers on the internet have come together to answer one question: What is your Financial Motivation?

These bloggers are letting you into some of their deepest personal thoughts and motivations, and each one of the articles is sure to give you a new appreciation for the author. I’ve read every single one of these posts, and they are all great!

My Favorite Swapped Post

Maybe it’s because I’m always amazed with success stories from people who grew up with so much less than I had, but I loved Sandy’s post about Fear of Poverty at Beating Broke; specifically the poverty she experienced as a child, is her financial motivation. Great post Sandy!

Also make sure to check out her partner Shane’s post about Financial Intentionality at Yes I Am Cheap.

My Swap

I want to give a special THANK YOU to Derek from Life and My Finances. He posted my article about being Snubbed for “Most Likely To Succeed” and I had some great comments from a few of his readers.

Also, don’t forget to check out Derek’s post about Fear, Family and Independence right here on Thousandaire.

The Rest of the Great Financial Motivation Posts

We had one more participant, but Barbara didn’t like my topic (humph!). However, I forgive her and, if you’re lacking financial motivation, she has some tips for you at Money in the 20s.

Thanks to everyone for sharing! Thousandaires, what was your favorite post?

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