In the spirit of Halloween, I feel obliged to write a Halloween themed post. This holiday is full of ghosts and monsters and clowns that scare the pants off a lot of people. I, however, have a different fear.

Have you ever seen that guy calmly walking down the street when he suddenly bursts into a crazy awkward run-dance-scream thing?

That’s me every time I see a bee, wasp or heaven-forbid walk into a spider-web. As a side note, when Spiders are so big they have hair so long it looks like it can be braided, even just looking at pictures on the internet seriously gives me the chills. Fo’ real.

Southwest Airlines

This spider gives me the heebe-jeebies.

I don’t know what it is about those little buggers (pun absolutely intended) but my bodies natural reaction to insects or arachnids is to jump, run, and scream like a girl. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the absurdity of my behavior. Those creatures don’t want anything to do with me, just like I want nothing to do with them.

I am trying to overcome my fears. It’s difficult and I’m admittedly making very slow progress, but I hope one day I’ll be able to act like a man in the face of one of these creepy crawlers.

I think most of us have some financial fears as well. There are some scary financial situations (such as death of a wage earner, natural disaster, disability) that are completely rational fears and can be mitigated with insurance. However, there are other irrational fears that it seems plague many people in our society:

  • Fear of not having the latest and greatest cell phone
  • Fear of not taking an extravagant vacation every year
  • Fear of “looking cheap” in front of friends or coworkers

If you are tormented by one of these (or many other irrational fears), my advice to you is simple: Grow a pair and get over it.

I’m not suggesting that people stop buying new phones or taking vacations. I think it’s great when people budget and save for things they want, and then follow that budget and make informed purchases.

I take issue with the people who make poor financial decisions based on fear of what family, friends, or other people will think. It’s even worse when people spend money they don’t have because they “deserve it” after working so hard. If someone puts an expensive vacation on a credit card with no intention of paying it off right away, he is definitely getting what he “deserves”: High interest payments for months or years.

It is important to recognize our fears, and then work on fixing them. Just a few months ago my net worth became positive, and my biggest fear is my net worth going back into the negative. The only way I could see that happening is if I get hurt and miss a lot of work, or if I get fired. I can only work my butt off and hope I don’t get fired, but I did sign up for long-term disability insurance just last week. This way, no injury or sickness can keep me from reaching my financial goals.

Today’s Halloween Thousandaire Question: What are you scared of, and what can you do to address that fear? Also, what are you gonna be for Halloween?

P.S. I’m also afraid of taxes. Especially Obamacare taxes.

P.P.S. I’m gonna be a banana for Halloween.

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