You know those Southwest Airlines bag commercials where they act like Will Smith in Bad Boys, solving the “bag fee” crimes? The bag guys are great because they expose the ridiculous bag fees that many airlines charge their customers and they are kinda funny while they do it. Entertaining and educational; does that sound like anyone else you know? (hint: it’s me)

Southwest Airlines

This airplane takes me to my happy place.

I got an email from Southwest today telling me about their limited time sale, and I want to share it because it’s a really great deal if you’re looking to travel. But before I get into the prices (which is the main reason I love Southwest), I have to mention a few other things about the airline that I absolutely love:

  • I get to pick my own seat! – Why would I want to be assigned a seat when I can spend my time before the flight boards looking for interesting people hot babes to plop down next to on the plane? The key is to get a good boarding pass number (around B10-B30) so there will be enough people on board to pick who you want; if you don’t see anything you like, there should still be some empty window seats left in the back of the plane.
  • Cranberry Apple Juice! – I drink chocolate milk, water, and occasionally soda at home, which can get kinda boring. The unlimited cran-apple juice is a big treat for me.
  • Smaller Airports or Terminals! – In many cities, Southwest flies into a small airport or terminal that is not as crowded as the alternative. I can get through security faster and, thus, don’t have to wake up so freaking early to get to the airport.

Southwest has a killer sale going on for the next two days (don’t worry, I’m not getting paid to promote this sale. I just want to share the awesomeness) that basically sends you anywhere you want in the lower 48 states for between $30 and $120 one way, depending on the distance of the flight.

I live in Dallas, and I could go visit my best friend in Chicago for $60 (+ fees, but no bag fees) each. I have also been meaning to go visit my uncle in Phoenix for years but always balked at the $300 round trip price tag. With this deal, Dallas to Phoenix is also $60 each way. There are date restrictions on these fares; you’re not gonna get your Thanksgiving or Christmas travel at these prices. However, if you have been meaning to make a trip and have been waiting for a good deal, this is it!

Today’s Thousandaire Question: Pretend you have the money and the free time to take advantage of this deal; where in the United States do you want to go?

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