I’m a 25 year-old heterosexual man and I like Taylor Swift’s music.

Yeah, I said it.

Taylor Swift

I would marry her in a second.

I actually really like her music. I think she’s an exceptional songwriter and has a unique singing voice. Her songs are geared towards high school kids, but I love them because they mentally takes me back to my high school years; back to when all I had to worry about were girls, doing my homework, girls, playing high school sports, girls, and showing up to work on time. Oh, and GIRLS!

I also love her music because I think she’s sending a great message to young people and setting a phenomenal example of how to be a responsible young celebrity in front of millions of fans. While some young, famous female artists *cough* Miley Cyrus *cough* are pushing a selfish, promiscuous (aka slutty) image, Taylor Swift is the rare celebrity that lets young people know that it’s okay to believe in true love with her music and her actions.

Now that I’ve professed my love for Taylor Swift, you should know I almost pooped myself when I found out her new album, Speak Now, is on sale for $3.99 at Amazon. That’s less than the price of four McChickens!

I don’t steal music and I don’t spend a lot of money on entertainment, so I don’t buy a lot of music. I probably would have bought the album for $10, but $4 is awesome! Maybe one day she’ll make all of her songs available to download free like this awesome artist.

When I buy music, I look at the purchase as a time investment. For example: The album is about 45 minutes long, I’ll probably listen to it about 30 times. That’s 1,350 minutes for $3.99, or about 0.3 cents per minute. I’d say that’s worth it.

I have a feeling I have very different music purchasing habits from most my readers. Today’s Thousandaire Question: Do you buy music or do you “borrow” it from friends you’ve never met on the internet? If you do buy music, how do you decide when an album is worth purchasing?

P.S. Taylor, if you are reading this, call me. We should do a duet. I’ve heard rumblings in the personal finance community that you aren’t reaching out that to fan base enough. I can help. Let’s talk. Over dinner. I make a mean General Tso’s. I’m just sayin’.

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