In case you missed it last week, I’ve decided that until further notice, Wednesday is going to be Whatever Wednesday on Thousandaire. I’ll ask for topics on my twitter and facebook on Tuesday nights and will write about what you want to read. If you want to tell me what to do, make sure to follow me and give me your suggestions.

This week I got two very different suggestions; one from twitter and one from facebook:

Gamble in Stock Market

Let’s kick this off with the financial topic.

Gambling in the Stock Market

I do two different things in the stock market. Most of the time I invest. Sometimes I gamble.

I invest in my 401k and Roth IRA. I pick stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds that fit my investment strategies and objectives. Outside of the 401k and Roth IRA, I do a little more investing in additional companies. In all of these cases, I’m buying and holding investments that I believe have long term growth potential.

Sure, there is a “gamble” in the stock market, but I feel pretty confident that my portfolio will maintain value or grow over a long period of time.

But every now and then I really gamble in the stock market. I’m talking about buying call options.

These were explained in great detail earlier this year when I doubled my money in four months. Basically, a call option means you bet a stock will rise in price within a short period of time (between a few hours and about 2 years). With options, you can easily turn $1,000 into $2,000. You can also just as easily turn $1,000 into $0.

If you want to invest in the stock market, buy some ETFs. If you want to gamble in the stock market (only do this if you can afford to lose every penny of your investment), pick an individual stock that seems to be on sale, buy a call option, and get ready for a financial roller coaster ride!

Cheese Bread Cheese Bread Cheese

Patrick told me to make a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese all over the place. He wants it on the inside and the outside of the sandwich.

I’m a terrible cook, and you might think, “there’s no way he can mess this up…”

You’d be wrong. I burnt the ever-loving crap out of this sandwich.

Overall, it didn’t blow my mind, but it was alright. I will probably try again for the sake of having a non-burnt sandwich, but to be honest it just tasted like a regular grilled cheese to me.

Sorry Patrick. I’ll do better next time!

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