From now on, I will be posting site updates over the weekend. Call me a super-nerd, but sometimes I like to talk about blogging. I don’t want to write posts about blogging during the week (unless it’s about how to generate income via blogging, which is a fantastic personal finance topic that I’m really not qualified to write about at the moment).

Speaking of making money blogging, I haven’t forgotten about my promise to give away half of my advertising revenue during 2011 to my readers. I have one more giveaway that will cover all the money I’ve made from Oct-Dec, so you can probably expect the giveaway in January. Here’s the bad news for you giveaway lovers; I haven’t made very much money in the last two months.

You guys know that I don’t like to assault you with ads and affiliate marketing. You have to look really hard to find any ads on my site at all. I will post affiliate links when it’s a product I believe in and would recommend anyway, but I’m not going to promote a product to you if I don’t believe in it. My readers deserve better than that. For that reason, I turn down a lot of advertising opportunities.

Here’s what I’ve made over the last two months:


Half of that is $280, which pales in comparison to the almost $700 I gave away last time. I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles. I think with the stock market tanking quite a bit over the last few months, advertisers are holding back a bit.

So while it’s not as big as my last giveaway, you can at least look forward to a decent sized giveaway in January. And who knows, maybe I’ll sell a lot in December and make it more lucrative.

One thing I know for sure, the next giveaway is going to be “winner takes all”. You’d be surprised how much work it is to track down a bunch of different people and make sure they get the right prize. I’d rather spend my time blogging and making music videos.

Speaking of Music Videos…

Just a heads up, I’m going to do my best to get you a new video this week. It’s going to be a shorter song than usual, and is going to be a very simple (think acoustic style but without me actually playing an instrument) video. It’s going to be a sad song about a topic that I’m sure a lot of working people can relate to. Stay tuned.

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