As many of you know I got engaged last year and will be getting married next May. There is a lot of planning, talking with vendors, signing contracts, and of course spending money when you are planning a wedding. There’s also a lot of dieting, exercising, and getting in shape for engagement photos, trying on dresses (Tag, not me), and looking great for your wedding.

Obviously my goal is to save up enough money to pay for the wedding without going into debt, while also eating healthy and exercising so I look good for my future wife. However, what if I could only pick one?

What if I had two choices?

Option 1: incur unplanned expenses that make me have to borrow money to pay for the wedding but I look like a GQ model.

Option 2: Pay for the whole wedding with money I’ve saved and continue to be debt free next June, but put on 20 pounds and be overweight.

I’ll Take Health over Money Any Day

It’s really not even a question for me. I would much rather look and feel great on my wedding, and then pay off the debt over time, than be overweight for it.

Wedding pictures are forever. My honeymoon (if we can afford one) only happens once. This is the one day of my life where all my closest friends and family are there to see me, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna look like a slob.

If I go into debt for this wedding, then I’ll pay it back. I’ll take a second job if I have to. I’ll sell my house and move into a smaller one. I’ll figure it out.

Debt can be fixed. Wedding pictures cannot.

And even if I didn’t have the wedding coming up, I would still value my health over money. I love that I can live an active lifestyle. I love that I can look in a mirror and feel good about myself. I love that my doctor doesn’t have to give me a hard time when I go get my annual physical.

Have you ever heard anyone say, “At least you’ve got your health.”? I think it’s a great saying, because no matter what situation you are in, you have time to make it better if you’re healthy enough to stick around for a while and find a solution!

Debt can be paid off. Heck, you can even rebound from bankruptcy. But if you mess up your health bad enough, you might not have a chance to fix it.

This post was inspired by a survey just released by Credit Karma. There is some interesting information about how people feel about their weight and their money. Check out the infographic below if you are interested.

Readers: What is more important to you: a small waist or a big wallet?

physical vs financial health

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