Let me lay down some serious financial wisdom on you. Are you ready?

You can improve your financial situation by saving more money.

Boom! Spend less and save more for important things like paying down debt or a vacation or a brand new living room. It’s so easy!

So why doesn’t everyone do it?

It’s because spending is a lot easier than saving. We are assaulted with advertisements at all hours of the day. Grocery stores and gas stations lay out products specifically to subconsciously make you buy more stuff. Friends encourage us to hang out with them (aka spend money at a bar or restaurant). The impulse to spend is everywhere.

But what if you suddenly had an impulse to save?

ImpulseSave Makes Saving Easier

Being the world renown, ultra famous personal finance blogger that I am (pause for laughter), sometimes I get a first look at some interesting financial start-ups. One of them I like is ImpulseSave.

ImpulseSave has created a savings account that encourages you to reject impulse buys and turn them into impulse saves. It takes our spending culture and flips it upside down.

The concept is simple. If you have the urge to buy something, that means you’re willing to part with your money. But instead of actually buying that coffee, you can change your impulse buy into an impulse save and put that $4 in your savings account. It’s still gone out of your checking account, but it’s just put towards some bigger goal.

Why Impulse Save Rocks

ImpulseSave does a great job of creating a bank account that encourages people to save money. The psychology of saving money is one of the hardest things to crack, and ImpulseSave does it better than any other savings account I’ve seen.

It’s easy (and actually kinda fun) to get on your phone and drop $5 or $10 in your account. Yesterday I took a picture of a tree and saved $5. Seriously, this is all you have to do:

impulse save tree

If you feel like you spend too much and save too little, this is definitely going to help you turn that around.

Where ImpulseSave Can Get Better

I like this service a lot, but it’s a new company and unfortunately they don’t have a mobile app yet. Even worse for me and other Android users, the iPhone app is in the works and will come first, with the Android version coming later in the future. Luckily it’s super easy to ImpulseSave with a text or even a tweet, so this really isn’t a huge deal.

The other thing I’m not a huge fan of is the interest rate. It’s only 0.40%, where you can get around 0.80% in some other online savings accounts. However, 0.40% on $2,000 over the course of the year is literally $8. I have a feeling I’ll turn at least $8 of impulse buys into Impulse Saves over the course of a year, so I think I’ll actually come out ahead anyway.

You Can Try ImpulseSave If You Like

You can’t just sign up for ImpulseSave; you have to know somebody. Luckily you know me. If you want to try out this saving account and see if you can impulse save yourself some money, you can get access via this link:


If you want to learn more about the ImpulseSave concept you can watch the video below, and if you want more information about exactly how the account works, you can see all the terms on their website.

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