The first thing I did when I arrived in New York was head over to Broadway to see Wicked. The show was phenomenal. The story was great and the acting was fantastic, but the most impressive thing about Broadway is the talent of the singers. It’s not like a studio where you can sing the song as many times as you want to make it sound great. These people are performing live and the songs are flawless.

When people have that kind of talent, tickets are not going to be cheap. If you look for tickets to Wicked on Ticketmaster, almost all seats are over $110. If you want great seats in the orchestra section, they can be over $250. However, you can get into this Broadway show at a decent price. If you look closely enough you will find orchestra seats on the sides and in the back for just $56.25. These seats are cheaper because they are “partially obstructed”. I sat on the end seat in row J and I feel like I only missed about 10 seconds of a three hour show where the main characters were out of my view. For half price, this is a darn good deal.

There are other ways to get cheap Broadway tickets, including the TKTS booth in Times Square and a lot of other options listed in this CNN Travel article. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience to let you know which of these work well and which are a waste of time. If you’re a Broadway veteran and know how to get cheaper and better seats than 50% off partially obstructed seats, leave a comment below and let everyone know how they can experience Broadway without paying for it.

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