Last night I went to Studio Movie Grill because I had free tickets. It’s a movie theater/restaurant where they serve you surprisingly delicious food while you watch your movie. The moral of the story is I had a great evening with my girlfriend Tag and didn’t have time to write a blog post. So I want to make it up to you today.

I took a vacation day off work and have the entire day to myself. Here is a list of some of the things I want to do on my day off:

  • ask me somethingWork Out
  • Pay My Rent
  • Finish Buying Stocks in my Roth IRA for 2011
  • Potentially Hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Write a Song
  • And Finally, Talk With My Readers

I’m going to be at or near my computer all day, so ask me a question in the comments and I’ll answer it pronto.

I’ve seen Ninja do this at his blog, and I thought it would be a good way for me to connect with some of my readers on my day off from my real job.

You can ask me almost anything. I’ll tell you anything about my blog or give any personal finance opinion. I’ll tell you my favorite color, why I haven’t cut my hair in over two months, or what records I have in my high school weight room.

The only rules are: I won’t tell you where I work or exactly how much I make (sorry, but people I work with read this blog and it’s against company policy for them to know), and everything else has to be PG-13 or better. Anything else is fair game.

So ask away. I’ll be around all day so just post a comment here and I’ll reply with an answer in a few minutes.

P.S. If you’re reading this and don’t see a single question in the comments, please please please just put something so I don’t look like an idiot who got no questions. Thanks. Love you.

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