How to Make Investing in the Stock Market Simple

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It’s not uncommon to want to invest but not really know where to start. Sometimes that causes people not to invest at all when they really should be investing for their future. It may seem complicated, but there are ways to make investing in the stock market simple so you can quit putting it off and get started. What Are

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Fortune Industries (FDVF)

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This is what I imagine it felt like to be a Fortune shareholder. Fortune industries is a Human Resources company.  Basically small to medium sized companies outsource their human resources department to Fortune. Why talk about them? Fortune Industries is the cheapest company I know of on an earnings basis (excepting cases where the business is obviously in

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Sitestar Corporation (SYTE): Part II

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Now to get up to speed on the latest developments. Here's the second part of the Sitestar story as promised.  For those of you who missed it, here is part 1. Since our story left off a great deal has happened. First off, a group of shareholders sent a demand letter to the company. The demand letter basically says

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What Are You Saving For?

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I have to admit that my wife and I haven't been great at saving money ever since we finished paying for our wedding. Once we were done paying for the wedding we did want to book a trip to Europe, which we did (and had an amazing time). But we had enough money and credit card points for that trip,