I want a tablet.

Not just any tablet either. I want the ASUS Transformer Prime. I’ve been waiting for this thing for months! They officially “launched” the tablet on November 9th, but still haven’t set a release date. I’m told it will be available in December though, and I will preorder this baby as soon as I can.

From a geek perspective (aka hardware) it is superior to the most popular tablet, the iPad2, in every way. I also very much prefer the Android operating system over iOS, so this thing is basically all I could ever want.

Gimmie Gimmie GIMMIE!!!! I want! So bad!

But I don’t need a tablet. Specifically, I don’t need a $500 tablet.

I really couldn’t justify spending $500 on something I don’t need. But I can justify spending $500 worth of credit card rewards on something I really really want!

Treat Yourself With Credit Card Rewards

The problem with credit card rewards is that I can’t use them to pay bills. I can’t buy groceries with them and I can’t pay rent with them. They are useless from a responsible personal finance perspective!

I’m basically limited to gift cards from Best Buy, Sears, and a whole bunch of restaurants or other places I don’t shop. So if I can’t do something “responsible” with my rewards, then I may as well do something fun!

And yes, I’m sure I could have scoured the website and found items of gift cards that I would have purchased eventually, and I probably would have if I were struggling through debt.

But I’ve worked hard to put myself in a position to buy things I want, and I’ve been responsible enough to get over $500 of free money by using credit cards responsibly.


What would you buy if you had $500 worth of credit card rewards?

P.S. Happy Veterans’ Day to all the veterans out there. Thank you for serving America proudly!

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