Have you ever seen The Social Network?

Mark Zuckerberg’s partner wanted to sell ads on “The Facebook” for a few thousand dollars. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to keep the entire site free of advertisements until it was big enough to command tens of thousands. Or hundreds of thousands. Or millions.

That’s the theory I’ve tried to apply to this website. I have so little advertising on my site, that you may not have even noticed it is there at all. I don’t want to drive people away when they are looking for my writing and videos because they can’t stand to sift through the advertising.

However, I came to a realization in the past few weeks. If people start paying me for advertising, I can take those profits and give them back to all of you with promotions and giveaways! And I know you guys like free money!

Here’s the other thing about writing four or five blogs every week. It takes a long time. I’m happy to do it, except it leaves very little time for creating my favorite content; music videos.

I’ve had the “Thousandaire” song written for almost a year now, recorded for a few months, and I’ve actually filmed about half of it. But I haven’t even started editing it and still need to film the other half. When you combine writing songs, recording them, and then scripting, filming, editing, and producing the videos, I can’t even guess how many hours it takes to make a music video.

So if I want more time for videos, I need to spend less time writing blogs. And how do I continue posting new articles every day without writing them? Ding ding ding! I can use sponsored posts.

free stuff

photo credit: flickr.com/photos/f-r-a-n-k/

Here’s the deal. I’m gonna keep blogging as much as possible, but also save some time for working on videos. When it makes sense, I will allow certain advertising partners to provide relevant personal finance content.Β  When that happens, I promise to give away no less than 50% of the advertising revenue in the form of giveaways.

In exchange, all I ask is that you don’t hate me for “selling my soul” to the big, nasty advertisers. Plus I’ll do my best to ensure the advertising is relevant to my audience.

So, more advertising equals more free stuff and more music videos for you guys. You’re welcome.

And really, thank you for reading and commenting and sending emails and tweets. I have some pretty cool readers. You guys are awesome!

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