Last night was my first night of Spanish class, and it literally just occurred to me that I’m going to have homework now that I’m in school again. Being the good student that I am, I’m going to spend tonight doing that homework. Since I don’t have time to write a new post, here’s a fun one I’ve been making as appropriate “ideas” have surfaced, followed by my favorite truly educational personal finance video I’ve ever made. Enjoy!

Sometimes it amazes me what kind of things people search for that find my little website. I’m running a personal finance / music / comedy / vlog / Taylor Swift and Glee obsessed website, so I understand a variety of different searches finding me, but here are some of the most ridiculous ones.

  • segue fastion dress – I have no idea what this is, but I’m fairly certain whomever did the search couldn’t spell “fashion” correctly. As a side note, how amazing would it be to have a Segue that doubled as a fashion dress; kinda like a transformer. You could ride to a party in your undies on a Segue, and then when you get there, your transportation turns into a beautiful dress. I want one.

    segway dress transformer

    As soon as the game is over that Segway is gonna turn into a lovely ball gown

  • taylor swift naked – I hate to disappoint you internet, but I’m pretty sure these pictures don’t exist. Taylor Swift is way too pure to have these pictures floating around. However, if this search is finding my website, maybe I should get a grip on my Taylor Swift posts and ratchet it down a few notches.
  • taylor swift as child – This one is much less gross than the previous one (or much more… ew)
  • cartoon fat people – I don’t know why I haven’t focused more on cartoon fat people on my website. It’s not only funny and educational, but apparently “the world” is looking for it.
  • i’m a thousandaire i can rent anything – I’m not sure what kind of things this guy wants to rent. X-Rated movies? Paddle boats? A wife? There is some truth to the idea that you can get just about anything you want with money. I’m just not sure being a thousandaire is enough to get it all.
  • cartoon people showering habits – I do remember posting a picture of a cartoon guy showering, but don’t remember specifying how often he did shower. And since the cartoon is really one point in time, wouldn’t that mean he is perpetually showering? That’s gonna be a hard habit to break.
  • iretira musi – huh? I doubt this is English, which is fine. But what have I ever posted that would make this search find It was probably a Bing search.
  • kevin mckee senator – This must be someone from the future; I’m guessing somewhere around 2025. That’s about when I plan to be a senator, but just before I plan to be president.
  • kevin mckee mexico – Again, probably a time traveler. I’m guessing 2018 here, when I’m the next Latin Pop Music sensation.
  • fat man fitting into small pants – Little known fact: “fat man fitting into small pants” is actually the alternate text on every single picture of me on the internet (at least all of them where I’m wearing pants)

I hope you got a little giggle out of some of those. And finally, here’s my “What is a Roth IRA” video. I’m planning to have more whiteboard videos out next week, so if you missed this one I think it’s a pretty fun 8-minutes. Fun Game: count how many times I say “okay”.

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