If you follow political or financial news, you probably saw the Government Accountability Office’s report about redundancy in the federal government.

If you’ve ever worked in Corporate America, you know exactly how bad redundancy can be in a large company. Then extrapolate that for something the size of the federal government. All of a sudden, finding a trillion dollars in savings doesn’t sound all that hard.

The reason I am such a big proponent of decreased government spending is because in almost all cases I believe the private sector does things better. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself the following question:

When is the last time you heard someone say

“I was drowning in debt and just didn’t understand how to fix my personal finances, but then [insert federal financial literacy program] came along and saved the day!”

My hope is that you hear it all the time, because according to this report our tax dollars are funding 56 programs spread out over 20 organizations! I don’t know how much money they are spending, but I’m sure it is well into the millions or even hundreds of millions.

Now ask yourself the same question, but insert Dave Ramsey, or Suze Orman, or any one of your favorite privately owned personal finance websites and blogs, instead of a federal program. The private sector has been incredibly successful in teaching Americans personal finance.

The United States Federal government is spending (and wasting) literally millions of dollars to unsuccessfully teach people financial literacy while the country is drowning in debt.

drowning lol

Is this sign "lol"ing at people who are drowning?

Trying to learn financial literacy from our government is like trying to learn to swim from someone who is literally drowning as he teaches his class.

Forget redundancy. If it were up to me, I would get rid of all 56 programs. This is one area the government has completely and utterly failed to improve. The private sector may still have some work to do, but we’re doing a much better job than Uncle Sam.

Maybe once Uncle Sam learns to manage his own finances, then he can start worrying about teaching other people how to manage theirs.

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