In my Race to $1 Million, I have exceptionally mediocre news, and then I have just plain exceptional news.

I’ll give the mediocre news first; if I were in a metaphorical boat racing towards $1 million, I’d be in a paddle boat. Without paddles. I’d be trying to propel my metaphorical paddle boat by putting my face in the water and blowing bubbles. Why? My net worth only went up a measly $200 bucks last month.

I had two months of $5,000+ gains. At that rate, I was gonna be a millionaire before the end of the world in 2012. Now I’ll be lucky to make it to $1 million before the end of whatever new world replaces this one next year. The reason my net worth was so low is all thanks to the stock market. We had a really bad few weeks and a lot of my options lost quite a bit of value. To be honest, I was lucky I didn’t have a negative month.

race to a million slowly

This is my ride homie!

Speaking of a negative month, let’s get to the exceptional news. Here’s the February update:

Kevin – $24,991.89 (+$209.35)
The Hoff – $45,725.00 (-$6,500.00)
Difference – $20,733.11 (+$6,709.35)

The Hoff lost $6,500! Holy baloney! Maybe he bet on himself in Dancing With The Stars and his bookie finally collected. I don’t really care how it happened, I’m just excited! If you were here two months ago, you might remember that my goal for 2011 was to pull to within $20,000 of The Hoff. Well it’s March and I’m only a few hundred dollars away.

This seems like incredible news on the surface, but I’m actually a little scared of it for a few reasons.

  1. He tells me he spent a lot of money this month, but I have no idea what really happened. This money might magically reappear next month
  2. I have some big expenses coming up, including a 3+ week trip to Costa Rica, which will set me back a few thousand
  3. He’s The Hoff

To be perfectly honest, I’m not happy at all that his net worth went down so much. He’s a good friend and I hate to see that happen. I want to win, but I want it to be because I make tons of money; not because he loses money.

I’m hoping for a better March for both of us, although I think I’ll be paying for my vacation next month. It’s probably gonna be a bad one for me. Does anyone wanna give me lots of money? Leave a comment below if you do!

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