At some point in a man’s life, he has to stop eating Taco Bell (which can have disastrous results) and start eating healthy.

That point in my life is approaching very quickly.

I’m sick of eating out. I’m sick of spending a bunch of money on food. I’m sick of my girlfriend yelling at me for not eating vegetables.

I am ready to eat healthy and save money.

Eating Out is Getting Expensive

One of the nice things about keeping a budget is the fact that I can track my spending in individual categories. Here is my average monthly spending on food, split into groceries and eating out, over the last three years:

Thousandaire Food

As you can see, I’m buying less groceries every year and I’m spending more on eating out. This is an expensive and unhealthy trend and I’m ready to stop it. The problem is I have no idea where to start!

How is a Culinary-Challenged Man Supposed to Cook?

I’m committed to cooking, but my problem is my inability to find good man recipes.

That’s right. Man Recipes! For example, I tried find a simple, healthy pasta dish, and I found this recipe filed under the “Quick and Healthy – Superfast Pasta” section. Should be simple, right?

Except for the fact that I’m a man. I don’t have flat leaf parsley leaves or white wine vinegar or a food processor. I’ve never even heard of a freaking manzanilla olive!

This might be “Superfast” if I were in Emeril’s kitchen, but this stupid recipe requires a special trip to the store for all the ingredients. Plus I have to double the prep time because I have a cooking learning disability.

Two hours later, the pasta would be done cooking. I’d take one bite and it would probably taste like vomit because I surely messed something up, and I end up driving thru at Wendy’s for some spicy chicken nuggets.

I Need Healthy Man Recipes!

I need healthy man recipes. That means:

  • 30 minutes or less, start to finish
  • Includes meat
  • Is at least somewhat healthy, preferably with some veggies (but not enough that I can actually taste them)
  • Doesn’t require special cookware or uncommon ingredients

Is that too much to ask?

Readers: Do you know of a website with a bunch of recipes that fit this description? If not, do you have a recipe that fits this description that you can send to me?

Help a brotha’ out in the comments below!

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