Okay Thousandaires, we’ve been avoiding the elephant in the room for a few months now.

I’ve heard grumblings here and there, but nobody has come out and said it. I know you’ve all been wondering, so I think it’s time to give you all the truth.

Yes, I am famous.

I know, I know… I’m sure you’re kicking yourself for not realizing I was very recently one of the most successful journalists in history!

Okay maybe not all of history; how about recent history? And not really journalism, but internet journalism. Actually sports journalism. To be more specific, fantasy sports journalism. And maybe not “one of the most succsessful”. Let’s say I was in the top 1,000.

Kurt Warner Kevin McKee

Kurt Warner may or may not have retired due to the retirement of fantasy football journalist Kevin McKee.

Yep, I used to be one of the self proclaimed top 1,000 internet fantasy football journalists in recent history. Pretty famous, huh?

I started writing professionally in 2003 because I had an insatiable passion for fantasy football. I took a job with Head2Head Sports and was their lead fantasy football writer from 2003-2009. During that time, I have been published in national print magazines that you see when you’re in the checkout line at the grocery store. I also branched out and was one of the top experts at FantasyFootballChamps last year. I wrote twice a week and made well over $50 per article. I was turning a nice little profit as a fantasy football journalist. There was only one problem.

I had zero passion.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I lost my passion for fantasy football, but it was definitely a few years ago. I still liked the NFL and playing fantasy football, but those articles were work for me. There’s no way I would have been any more than a casual fan if it weren’t for my writing gig.

Some funny things happened during those last three years or so. First of all, I was in denial. I could tell my passion was waning, but I attributed it to other factors in my life. I thought I was so busy with other things in my life, and if I just had more time I’d love it again.

Secondly, I can look back and realize that I didn’t have truly original idea for my writing during those final years. I was perfectly happy with writing the same articles over and over every week, and just changing the names and numbers. I didn’t lay awake at night thinking about what my readers wanted; I didn’t think about those articles at all unless I was in the process of writing them.

Fast forward to today. I finally made it past denial and realized I had lost my passion. I quickly retired in January of 2010. About six months later, I decided to start this blog.

I went from writing twice a week for over $50 an article to writing five times a week for literally pennies per article (my lifetime AdSense earning are sitting at about $39.80). And you know what?

I couldn’t be happier!

I know it’s a horrible cliché, but it is so much better to do what you love than to make money doing something else. I’m certain I would have a different attitude if my writing were my primary source of income (I believe we all have a responsibility to earn our living no matter how much we like or hate our job), but since writing is my hobby I love having my own blog and writing about my passion today, which is entertaining personal finance.

This was a long one, so if you’ve made it this far, you are rewarded with today’s Thousandaire Question: Have you ever taken a pay cut for happiness? Or (even better) could you increase your happiness by taking a pay cut today and moving to a different job?

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