Seven Killer Apps for Your Finances, According to Eric Tyson

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If you’re looking to make your financial life a bit easier and more convenient, it can help to have information on hand at the click of a smartphone. Here are seven killer apps for your finances, recommended by Eric Tyson, author of Personal Finance in Your 20s & 30s For Dummies and 17 other books published by Wiley.

Turn Old Movies and Games into Cash

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I am moving into a new apartment in about a month, and I've already started the process of getting rid of things that I would rather not move. I have an unwritten rule that if I haven't used something in the last year, I should get rid of it. One of the first things I noticed that fell into this

Drop Your Cable Bill – Keep Your Shows

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People ask me all the time, "Kevin, how did you get so rich and successful and good looking?" Okay, okay. Nobody has ever asked me that. However, I do get questions about my TV setup when people come over to my apartment. They are amazed that my TV can get basically any television show on demand, play any of the